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What do I need to bring when boarding my dog?

We must receive confirmation of the
following required vaccinations prior to drop off:

DHLPP • Rabies • Bordetella

Note: Bordetella (kennel cough) is not included in your dog's yearly vaccinations. You must ask your veterinarian for this specific vaccination. You are welcome to mail, fax (410-586-2775), or bring vaccination records upon dropping off your dog. 


You may also bring anything from home at no additional cost  (treats, food, bedding, toys, medications etc.). But we ask that you label anything and everything you bring; particularly your dog's food. When providing his/her food from home, please label the container/bag with your pup's first and last name, the amount and frequency of feeding (or "Free Feed"). Raised feeders are welcome; however, bowls are best left at home as we wash them twice a day and thus, we tend to get a bit muddled up as to the owner.