Little Farm Kennel
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 Home Away from Home

Little Farm Kennel is proud to provide top-notch care for your special family dog.  Our focus is on creating a kind, respectful and healthy environment, and we strive for only the highest attention to these goals.  And, with just 24 suites, we are able to focus our time and attention to the needs of all of our guests.


Our kennel is specifically designed to aid in the comfort and health of your dog.  Our suites are actual rooms with the only metal component being that of the entry gate to each dog's suite.  We believe this form of separation significantly reduces growling and intimidation between dogs, as well as aids in sound absorption.  Sound reduction in our facility is also enhanced via our soothing music system.

You can also rest assured that your dog will be housed in a facility of superior santitation.  Unlike many kennels that utilize a water hose for cleaning "puddles and packages", we have found that a simple wipe and disinfect method creates a much healthier environment for our guests.  It is excessive moisture, as used with frequent water usage, that creates an environment within which mold, mildew and viruses thrive.   We also utilize ultra-violet light filtration within our HVAC system to kill 99.9% of bacteria.